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  • A push is NOT a win
    -- Dear Mark,
    When playing Video Poker, I consistently win by getting high pairs but struggle for the higher hands. Can I successfully beat the house on a high pair alone? Rhonda T... more »

  • Plastic or Paper
    -- Dear Mark,
    During conversation with one of the many rotating poker dealers at the Horseshoe in Boosier City, he mentioned that the cards they used for poker were essentially indestructible because they were plastic and theoretically can handle a lifetime of use. What is your experience in dealing them, and why are they not used in all table games as opposed to just poker? John R... more »

  • Playing nickel machines with small stakes
    -- Dear Mark,
    I hate to ask this question because so many people consider keno machines to be losers. However, I do not do all that bad playing keno. Although I play table blackjack and slot machines (very selective), I still love video keno. I can sit at a nickel keno machine through an afternoon and evening. I pocket my winnings and continue to play with my original bankroll. Knowing your interests and that readers probably concentrate on table games, what are your thoughts on 5¢ keno? Vicki C... more »

  • Mutual funds versus blackjack
    -- Dear Mark,
    I've always felt that being in the stock market is the same as playing blackjack. They're both gambling. I might as well do something I love instead of giving some investment company my money to flush down the toilet. You're in gambling, do you agree? Ralph G... more »

  • Mistakes shouldn't cause problems
    -- Dear Mark,
    I was in Atlantic City last week minding my own business on a blackjack game, when a player started verbally insulting me on how I played my hands. He told me I was ruining his hands and always taking the dealer's bust card. Do I really have that much control over the outcome of the game? Helen L... more »

  • Casino's don't mind an infrequent winner
    -- Dear Mark,
    I watched a gentleman on a blackjack table start with $100 and beat the casino out of $4,500. It didn't even faze the pit boss. I realize it wasn't his money but shouldn't he have been more concerned that someone beat the casino out of $4,500 with so little invested? Rob B... more »

  • Mission accomplished
    -- Dear Mark,
    I go to Atlantic City about two times a month, stay overnight and lose a bundle. I just love it. My question: I play a "Reel-em-in" 25-cent slot machine. Now you can bet up to 45 quarters on these machines. Well, after losing so much money, I found these same machines in the nickel denomination. Now I find that I can play 45 nickels and it is only $2.25 a hand compared to $11.25 a hand on quarter machines. Would it be better to play a dollar slot with 2 coins in ($2) or play the nickels at $2.25 with 45 nickels in? Same with the quarter slots. Play with 45 quarters at $11.25 a hand or play a $5 slot with 2 coins in ($10.00)? I always thought the higher the denomination machine, the better your chances of winning. Please give me your feedback. Loretta K... more »

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