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  • How gambling and Arby's are historical related
    -- Dear Mark,
    My friend and I are long-time day trippers to Atlantic City. We have a couple of sandwiches riding on the outcome of this wager. As you can tell we're not big bettors. Our question is; who was the first player to make a wager in Atlantic City? I believe it was Frank Sinatra, whereas my friend thinks it was another member of the Rat Pack, Dean Martin. Who's right? Marvin K... more »

  • The correct spelling is A L B U Q U E R Q U E
    -- Dear Mark,
    This is not exactly a casino gambling question but an inquiry regarding bar betting strategies. Why is it that I am always buying free drinks? It does not matter if it's trivia or a magic trick, I am always duped into paying. Help! James S... more »

  • Slots at 35,000 feet?
    -- Dear Mark,
    Any truth to the rumor that I will be able to gamble on a flight from Cleveland to Las Vegas? Laurie H... more »

  • Right place, wrong timing
    -- Dear Mark,
    Recently I got my first royal flush. That was the good news. The bad news is I only had two coins in it when it hit. Would I have still gotten a royal flush had I inserted the maximum amount of coins? Jennifer G... more »

  • Strike when they ask
    -- Dear Mark,
    When a pit boss approaches and introduces himself, then asks if there is anything I need, is that an appropriate time to ask for a comp? Danielle M... more »

  • You still lose, just less often
    -- Dear Mark,
    Every basic strategy card, blackjack book, and yes, you, recommend splitting eights against a dealer 10. Well, fear gets the better of me, and I depart from correct play and just hit instead of splitting the pair. So what should I do about a hand that always seems to haunt me? Hit, split or play the hunch? Scott N... more »

  • Split decision
    -- Dear Mark,
    We are deciding to make a family trip to either Las Vegas or Disneyland. We have three children all under the age of eight. I would like to know your recommendations and experiences (good/bad). Elise G... more »

  • Please be the queen of spades
    -- Dear Mark,
    Why is it that every time I'm dealt one card short of the royal flush, when I draw I never get the card I need? Just yesterday I was dealt all but the queen of spades, and sure enough, I got the lousy three of hearts. It makes me believe the casino controls who and when someone hits a jackpot. Why can't that queen of spades show up just once? Katherine R... more »

  • Finder's keepers losers weepers?
    -- Dear Mark,
    You always say check your machine for credits before you leave. Is it true that if I went to play a machine and there were credits left on it by someone I could get in trouble with the casino? Beri W... more »

  • Pushovers sit here
    -- Dear Mark,
    It seems to me that in blackjack the less you know the more right your decisions are. When it comes to splitting pairs, doubling, even hitting certain hands, I take a chance and generally go against common wisdom. Therefore, my thoughts are that it isn't worth the extra trouble to learn the correct strategy. Rory B... more »

  • Off to the races via a satellite wagering facility
    -- Dear Mark,
    I find horse racing one of the most enjoyable forms of casino gambling. For just $2 I can sit in an air conditioned race book and watch simulcast races from all across America. Wow! Any advice for a newbie horse player? Robert A... more »

  • Pumping Oxygen into a casino is NOT a trick of the trade
    -- Dear Mark,
    My friend believes that many of the Vegas casinos pump oxygen through the air conditioning system to enrich the air. The purpose is to keep you from sleeping as long and therefore gambling more. I didn't notice any difference in my sleeping habits, but still, my friend insists he's right. Is he? Colin I... more »

  • When you lack capital, a bankroll meltdown is inevitable
    -- Dear Mark,
    Over the past 20 years I have found great pleasure in making my monthly trip to Atlantic City. My bankroll is limited to $200 and I generally stick with most of the low house percentage bets that you recommend in your column. Sometimes I break even, win every third or fourth time, or lose it all. My question is, will I ever become a "consistent winner" before I join the Angels in a crap game? I'm looking for divine intervention. Sandy G... more »

  • Gambler's Ruin
    -- Dear Mark,
    Casino Windsor has high table minimums and low table maximums. Is this a player advantage? Danny B.... more »

  • I love buffets, but...
    -- Dear Mark,
    My brother likes to play single deck blackjack games, while I enjoy a casino that offers a decent buffet and a cocktail waitress that comes to the keno lounge more than once an hour. So, we cannot always gamble in the same casino. I probably already know what you will say, but what in your opinion of what makes "the best" casino? I am appealing to your love of the buffet. Jack M... more »

  • Just say NO to keno
    -- Dear Mark:
    Though I'm not a keno player, my favorite casino offers a Special Bonus Keno ticket. All I have to do is hit 19 out of 20, and I win $250,000. Is this ticket worth a try? Marti S.. .more »

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