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  • Sometimes casinos can't figure
    -- Dear Mark,
    I recently received a flyer in the mail from a casino showing some of their current specials. One was being paid 2 to 1 for blackjacks on Wednesdays. A good deal for the player? Louise J... more »

  • How much is enough?
    -- Dear Mark,
    I work as a dealer on an Indian reservation in northern Michigan. One of the most common mistakes I see is players getting ahead, then giving all their winnings back to the casino. Why do you think so many players are boneheads? Anonymous for job protection... more »

  • Winners, not losers, pay the electric bills
    -- Dear Mark,
    I've heard from other individuals and read from you about the "house edge" when it comes to certain casino games. So, if you wouldn't mind, can you explain to me how the house advantage on a roulette table is determined? Michael K... more »

  • Some do's and don'ts before your trip to Vegas
    -- Dear Mark,
    Next month I am flying to Las Vegas for the first time. Not only is it my first trip to Nevada but also my first visit to a casino. Any do's and don'ts you could recommend before I go? Mary S... more »

  • Is counting worth the hassle?
    -- Dear Mark,
    I've been kicking around the idea of becoming a blackjack card counter for years. I have decent math skills and am willing to spend time learning the game. I would like to hear some of your thoughts, theories, practical application of, advice and a brief explanation on how counting actually works. Hopefully you'll give me some inspiration to learn counting, maybe even make it a career. Eric G... more »

  • Your ticket to three squares a day
    -- Dear Mark,
    I know the following question I'm about to ask is illegal, but I'm still interested. A small factory close to my home discards a circular coin-like metal that is exactly the same size and weight as the silver dollar coins used in a casino. If I were caught inserting the coins into a machine, what would happen? Anonymous... more »

  • Dinner in the steakhouse comes at a price
    -- Dear Mark,
    This episode happened to me recently in Las Vegas. I was playing blackjack making $10 wagers when I was approached by a pit boss asking if there was anything he could do for me. "Sure," I replied. Can I get a dinner at the steakhouse?" His response was, "Let me track your action for a few minutes and I'll tell you what we can comp you." Well, as luck would have it, the cards weren't going my way and I left without following up on that steak dinner. But I still want to know what the pit boss meant by tracking my action for a comp? Stanley K... more »

  • Treat casino chips as hard earned cash
    -- Dear Mark,
    Why is it that when I bet real cash instead of swapping for chips, I'm frowned on by the casino? Gerry G... more »

  • Do Casinos Cheat?
    -- Dear Mark,
    I have always been a bit suspicious of casinos and especially their ability to cheat players. Come clean, Mark. Do the casinos tell the dealers to cheat the customer? Ron T... more »

  • Las Vegas is Cheapskate City
    -- Dear Mark,
    I received an advertisement in the mail that offered a book of coupons that I can use on my next trip to Las Vegas. They wanted $4.95 for $200 worth of coupons. Is that a good deal? Terry C... more »

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