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  • Sometimes you wonder who runs the nut house
    -- Dear Mark,
    I have heard that in some casinos in Las Vegas a pit boss will keep track of a dealer's gains and losses on a per shift basis, and the subsequent pit that they get assigned to will be based on these numbers. Generally speaking, hot dealers (dealers who are winning more than they are losing) will be assigned the higher limit tables. Two different dealers in one casino told me how much pressure they were under to win. Is this true? Darrell L... more »

  • The side of gambling casinos never talk about
    -- Dear Mark,
    I am a graduate student working on my Masters degree in Abnormal Psychology. My thesis is on Compulsive/Problem Gamblers. Any information on the extent of the problem, trends, profiles and treatment of problem gambling would be greatly appreciated. Jane B... more »

  • Salvo Cannonade of Craps Questions
    Before I Deal: Craps can be mind-boggling entertainment, making mincemeat out of those who don't understand the fundamentals. My guess is that fewer than one percent of players truly grasp dice. The only thing greener than the felt on your typical crap game is not the money won, but the players. What proves my one percent theory is that on any crap game, most, if not all, players make at least one wager that has a house advantage of between 6-16 plus percent. But if you've read my column long enough, you know that I feel any wager, on any game, with a house edge in excess of 2%, is a SUCKER bet... more »

  • Viva Las Vegas
    Before I Deal: I receive an abundance of mail from individuals making their first pilgrimage to Las Vegas asking me this or that about the gaming Meca of the world. Not one to hold back expressing my biased opinion, I will advise you that discounting 50% of my dogma would be appropriate. Two reasons why. First, I don't reside there (I live in northern Nevada but visit Las Vegas a dozen times a year) and second, I'm a journalist. Properly forewarned, here is a sampling of the many questions I get weekly... more »

  • Slots simplified
    -- Dear Mark,
    KISS, keep it simple stupid. That's how I gamble by playing only slot machines. Can you share some simple tips on the easiest game to play, slots? Sherry B... more »

  • Are birthday numbers really luckier?
    -- Dear Mark,
    In a past column you stated that you only play the lottery when the jackpot approaches true odds plus playing quick-pick (random) numbers. I can see your first point, but I, like most people, play my family's birthday numbers because of the luck factor. What is wrong with that?

    Also, you used the odds of hitting a California 6/51 ticket as an example. Our state lottery has 54 numbers. What are the chances of hitting it? Dale G... more »

  • Bring your kids-sort of
    -- Dear Mark,
    I wish I had read a past column you wrote called Split Decision before I made a recent trip with my family to Las Vegas. I was appalled at the amount of handbills advertising sex being pushed down my throat on the Strip right in front of the MGM Grand. Who in their right mind would bring a family to Las Vegas? Clifford M... more »

  • The Law of 250
    -- Dear Mark,
    I agree with you about judging casinos in your column "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." I would like to add the Soaring Eagle Casino of Mt. Pleasant, MI to your ugly list. Besides employees being extremely rude, they charge for drinks while you're playing slots and their machines are the tightest I've ever played. If they don't change their ways soon, they're going to lose a lot of customers when the new casinos in Detroit are built. You need to let your readers know how bad it is. In the future I'm going elsewhere to do my gaming. Rick J. Wixom, MI... more »

  • With the Wise Guys gone, Wall Street rolled in
    -- Dear Mark,
    Is it true that the reason Caesar's treats the customer so well is because it is one of the last casinos still owned by the Mafia? Just curious because I love that place, even when I lose. Chris K... more »

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