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  • No Eggheads Allowed
    -- Dear Mark,
    is card counting illegal? Frank K... more »

  • Roulette "freebies"?
    -- Dear Mark,
    I know that there's no casino in the world that would purposely allow the odds to favor me, the player. However, when I was a young lad, I once discovered a roulette bet that, for the life of me, has fooled me and anyone else I've asked into believing that the odds are now more than 50% in my favor of hitting a number. I'm hoping you can find the error of my logic, so I don't fool myself into betting my life savings into something that I can't help but think is nothing short of a sure thing... more »

  • Where'd my money go?
    -- Dear Mark,
    When on a fast paced crap game, I tend to lose track of my come bets. Sometimes the dealer is handling my money so fast that I cannot see where he put my money. The layout is confusing enough, but how do I really know for certain that my money is properly put where it belongs, and being paid, especially when the dice are moving so fast? Jerry C... more»

  • Skillfull play, not timing, wins the day!
    -- Dear Mark,
    My husband thinks that if he "times" when he hits the draw button, it will improve his winnings. So instead of playing at the same speed, he will slow down or go faster, depending on how he feels that the machine is doing. Is there any logic to certain machines paying better if you play faster or slower? Vickie C... more »

  • That certain uncertainty
    -- Dear Mark,
    Although a 6/5-video poker machine is not as good as a 9/6 machine, a slot attendant told me that the 6/5 machines typically hit more often, like high pairs. Was she really telling me the truth or pulling my leg? Michelle G... more »

  • From the Critic's Corner
    -- Dear Mark,
    I am looking to rent some movies that show either casino life and/or players in a gambling role. Any recommendations/favorites? Mary R... more »

  • The right road is smart wagers
    -- Dear Mark,
    In your opinion, what is the best "even money" bet in the casino that has no casino edge? Would it be the Bankers hand in baccarat or blackjack? I have purchased several "even money" systems designed for roulette and now I'm looking for better success by applying them to either baccarat or blackjack. Jon M... more »

  • What to do with those ambiguous soft hands in blackjack
    -- Dear Mark,
    Which is better, playing on a blackjack game where the dealer hits a soft 17, or on one in which he stands? Also, should the player mimic the dealer and hit or stand based on the dealer's rules? Finally, I would like to know the correct basic strategy play for a soft 18. I learned that when one has an ace/seven, the smart play is to stand on a dealer's 2, 7, 8, and hit all others. Bud W... more »

  • The cards that Whipped your bankroll
    -- Dear Mark,
    I was playing (single deck) blackjack on the same table for four hours and witnessed the pit boss changing the deck almost every hour. Is that normal, or do the playing cards just plain wear out? Finally, what happens to playing cards after they leave the table? Jed C... more »

  • Speed Kills!
    -- Dear Mark,
    What do you think of shuffle machines? Susan C... more»

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