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  • Who's watching whom in the pit?
    -- Dear Mark,
    What is the power structure of the casino pit and how far did you rise? Also, whose job is it to observe that no one is cheating? Paul D... more »

  • Waiving the white flag in roulette
    -- Dear Mark,
    I was playing roulette and betting on the outside in a Missouri casino. Double zero hit and I lost my whole bet. I asked why I didn't get half my bet back as I thought was the rule, but the roulette dealer had no idea what I was talking about. Was I wrong or is this just a Missouri rule? Darren D... more »

  • The secret to video poker
    Dear Mark,
    If dealt A, K, Q, J, of hearts and a 10 of diamonds on a video poker machine, should I try for the royal flush or stick with the straight? This happened to me recently and I kept the straight, kicking myself ever since. How bad a move was it? Patricia M... more »

  • Substantiating your losses a must with Uncle Sam
    -- Dear Mark,
    You said on slot winnings more than $1,200, the dreaded IRS form must be completed. Having never won a jackpot of this size before until recently at Stateline, NV, I am confused. It took that much of my money to win that jackpot. How can I offset the tax due on my win with my losses? Lucille O... more »

  • Three's a charm?
    -- Dear Mark,
    My favorite number is three. I was born on 3/3/1933. I regularly bet three on the roulette table, make $33 dollar wagers in blackjack and always play the third machine from the left on a slot carousel. Over the years it has paid decent dividends. Is there such a thing as a lucky number? Freddy G... .more »

  • The Kid wasn't ready yet
    -- Dear Mark,
    My spouse and I have a dinner riding on your response. Because we live in a very small town with limited video rentals, we need an answer from you to the following question. I say the Cincinnati Kid lost his final wager in the movie of the same name. My husband believes he won and became the reigning poker player of New Orleans. Who is right? Lou J... more »

  • One taco short of a combination plate
    -- Dear Mark,
    In all your years in the casino industry, I bet you never heard of this type of superstitious gambling. My brother-in-law brings a small computer to his hotel room that has a software program that tracks a person's biorhythms. He then proceeds to ask dealers their birth dates, runs back up to his hotel room, then plots the dealers' emotional, physical and mental state. Then he goes back to the casino and only plays on a dealer's table if the software shows a dealer in a down cycle. Beat that! James M... more »

  • Tabasco style blackjack
    -- Dear Mark,
    I recently came across a blackjack game called Spanish 21. I didn't play but the rules looked very similar to regular 21. Any differences before I give it a try? Seth G... more »

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