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  • The language of craps
    -- Dear Mark,
    I tried playing craps for the first time on a recent trip to Las Vegas. I stuck with the bets you mention on your tapes and actually walked away from the crap table $200 ahead. And though I was up $200, I still found the game intimidating. Mostly because I couldn't understand what numbers the dealer was calling. No wonder it scares so many players away. So just what number is "Little Joe from Kokomo?" Ralph S... more »

  • I play occasionally, twice a week
    -- Dear Mark,
    I've got a dinner riding on this. My husband believes that you, being conservative when it comes to casino gambling, would never play the lottery. Do you? Rachel P... more »

  • So what's all the hoopla over Megabucks?
    -- Dear Mark,
    Recently Megabucks surpassed the current record of more than $11 million dollars. A few questions please. First, is there an easy way to find out the current progressive amount without going to a casino? Second, do you get paid half up front and the remainder over the next 10 years? Finally, when it approaches record levels, should I join the excitement and run out and play? Lois H... more »

  • You no longer need to cut off both ends of the ham
    -- Dear Mark,
    I learned craps from my father, who learned it from his dad. We play your recommended pass line bet along with continual betting on the seven to hedge our line bet. In past columns you don't agree with that logic. Please explain. Marvin B... more »

  • Guerrilla Gambling 101
    -- Dear Mark,
    Casinos must make loads of money off constant losers like myself. Anything I can do to stop the flow of money always going in one direction? Sandra R... more »

  • Analogies of greed and pomposity
    -- Dear Mark,
    On my last six trips to Gulfport, MS, I've come home a winner playing slots. I believe it's beyond luck now. I just have this certain feeling when to play a particular machine. I've been so successful lately that I feel I should go to dollar machines, or higher, versus the quarter ones and win even more money. Am I on to something here? Jon S... more »

  • Heed the golden rule of gambling
    -- Dear Mark,
    If there was one golden rule of gambling you would give to first-time players, what would it be? Bob H... more»

  • Is it gaming or gambling?
    -- Dear Mark,
    On a regular basis you refer to casino entertainment as gambling. The industry refers to it as gaming. Who's right? Steven S... more »

  • Player may not merit a frolic frenzy?
    -- Dear Mark,
    When I stayed at the NY, NY Hotel and Casino (Vegas), I played BJ and whenever I wanted a comp for food or anything, they said just put it on your room charge and your play will be evaluated. Well, that was my first and last time. When I checked out they didn't comp my food or beverage, only the room. What gives? Scott R... more »

  • Fiscal ruin possible when you select the wrong machine
    -- Dear Mark,
    Well, now that you've got me "Hooked on Winning" (I bought your tapes, good stuff), I have a follow-up observation and a question. I took a well-deserved day off from work yesterday and hit the two Indian casinos here in Connecticut (Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun). My goal was to restrict myself exclusively to video poker. First, you are right on the money in your observation that you have to LOOK for a 9/6 machine, at least in the 25¢ and 50¢ denominations. I found a 25¢ 9/6 machine "buried" in a bank of machines at the Mohegan Sun and had real good luck with it. I encountered my first 8/5 progressive machine at Foxwoods, but I was surprised to see it was NOT a jacks-or-better machine. Rather, it was a two pair or better machine. So instead of having a payoff with just a high pair, a player needed two pairs to get a return. Is this typical of an 8/5 progressive machine or would you say this is player adverse? Mike K... more »

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