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  • Who needs a spleen anyway?
    -- Dear Mark,
    While surfing the internet I found your column on the Detroit News web page. My guess is that you must be familiar with casino gaming coming to the Motor City. Recently I have come into a small inheritance and would like to invest it in a business close to these new casinos. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Nathan B... more »

  • You wont get the shaft if you toss a good hand
    -- Dear Mark,
    One of my greatest fears in a casino is playing over a jackpot, especially one that has a big payout like a royal flush. Does this horror story happen often? By the way, I normally play in Atlantic City. Thomas R... more »

  • Same price, less sauce
    -- Dear Mark,
    I seem to be having less success playing the video poker game, Deuces Wild. I'm playing the same way I normally do. Is there something I should be on the lookout for since I play Deuces Wild exclusively? Sharon T... more »

  • You won! Great. Now pay Uncle Sam
    -- Dear Mark,
    I was recently in Las Vegas playing roulette and came away with a large $2,000 win at Bally's. What surprised me is they didn't request filling out any information for the IRS. I have in the past won $1,300 in slots and was requested on the spot to supply the required information like SS number, driver's license, etc. for a W2-G. Why are table games treated differently from slots when it comes to gambling? Stan B... more »

  • If the player is wrong, see rule #1
    -- Dear Mark,
    Good-day from Melbourne, Australia. While having a surf on the internet I came across your columns and found them interesting. The questions you receive as a dealer took me back to what I didn't know about casinos until I started to work in one. I found some of your past columns informative about a patron's feelings towards certain situations that can be quite distressing to those uneducated in casino etiquette. Patron feelings are something we dealers tend to forget about in our very repetitious and occasionally stressful shifts... more »

  • Don't Quit Your Day Job
    -- Dear Mark,
    In a past column, you stated that video poker has a return of 99 percent to the smart player and can be mathematically one of the best bets in the casino. My question is this. If I combine my passion for the game, a low house advantage and jackpots that run more than $1,000, is there any possibility that I could make a living playing video poker? Ted L... more »

Index I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X

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