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Gambling Questions

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  • My favorite cee-ment ponds?
    -- Dear Mark, My sister and I love to spend the day by the pool before we take in a little gambling in the evening. Since we are going to Las Vegas next month, do you have any recommendations of hotels that offer decent pools? Faye K... more »

  • What's the deal and appeal with Caribbean Stud?
    In the past, individuals have written you asking specific questions about Caribbean Stud Poker. Could you please give a brief explanation of how the game is played, its downside and is it really as popular as everyone says? Donald B... more »

  • Buffets are a Nevada State treasure
    -- Dear Mark, I enjoy going to Las Vegas not only to gamble but to feast on all the different buffets. Why do you think they don't offer buffets with the same fanfare in the Midwest casinos as they do in Las Vegas? Chuck M... more »

  • Dealers call these players...
    -- Dear Mark, I hate gambling with my cousin. Not only is he irritating to other players on the table, he is very abusive to the dealer. You have no idea how many times the dealer has to tell him, could you please do this, don't do that. How about some written table manners I can pass his way? Janie T... more »

  • The name is Bond, James Bond
    -- Dear Mark,
    You answered a question by stating that the most popular number played on a roulette wheel was 17 and reasoned that this was so because it was located in the center of the layout and everyone could reach it. I guess my point is that it is likely that other factors add to the "appeal" of 17 for the masses. I suggest that its popularity is based somewhat on the James Bond films where he bets "17 Black." Just a hunch, but I know many players who bet this way. Jimmy H... more »

  • Playing bingo can be sound gambling
    -- Dear Mark, Horrific as it sounds, it seems that the only game I'm able to win at lately is bingo. The thing is, for a comparatively small amount of money I can get a pretty good return. It also makes a nice relaxing change of pace if I'm on a losing streak and need to slow down my losses but I just don't want to leave the casino yet. Agree? Rick M... more »

  • Getting bent out of shape
    -- Dear Mark, I was listening to a radio talk show about casino gambling when a caller claimed he does well in blackjack by looking for warps. Well, the guest on the show didn't give a response because the host went to a commercial and they didn't come back to the subject. So, Mark, what is a warp? Rhonda A... more »

  • Extrasensory behavior on a dice game doesn't work
    -- Dear Mark, When I shoot craps, I have the feeling that a hot roll will always be stopped by a change in the dealers, someone touching the dice, someone crowding the shooter or the dealer giving out the two dice on a seven, eleven or craps. Is this my imagination or is there any kind of truth to it? Doug C... more »

  • Bankroll to bankrupt in three minutes
    -- Dear Mark, Since I don't gamble very often and chances of losing eight in a row are very remote, don't you think it's logical to double my wager every time I lose? Albert M... more »

  • Inside a cybernetic one-armed bandit
    -- Dear Mark, On the weekends, do casinos make adjustments on their video poker machines to make more money? Sam K... more »

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