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Quarter Horseracing Terms

Blanket Finish - Or photo-finish in which two or more horses are very close at finish (one can "Throw a blanket over them"). Very common in American Quarter Horse racing.

Bullring - A racetrack with either a half-mile or 5/8ths mile oval.

Register of Merit - A Register of Merit is designed to establish a record of outstanding performance. There are three Registers of Merit- one for racing, one for halter and one for performance events- but not a separate Register of Merit for each performance event. A horse has received at least one official Speed Index Rating of 80 or higher in racing. Qualified horses registered with the Jockey Club of New York City will be listed and treated as racing Register of Merit qualifiers for all purposes except that they shall not receive a certificate of Register of Merit or year-end awards. Until 1956 a Grade A was a 75 or better speed index, 1957 to 1975 Grade AA was an 85 or better. From 1976 to 1985 a Register of merit could be earned by an 80 or better speed index or by earning 10 racing points. From 1986 to present a Register of Merit could only be earned by a speed index of 80 or better.

  • TAAA - 100
  • AAA - 95
  • AA - 85
  • A - 75
  • B - 65
  • C - 55
  • D - 45

Schooling Race - A non-pari-mutuel preparatory race, which conforms to requirements adopted by the state racing commission.

Tongue Strap - Strap or tape bandage used to tie down a horse's tongue to prevent choking in a race or workout.

Trial - Race in which eligible horses compete to determine the finalists in a nomination race.

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