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Greyhound Racing Terms

Bertillon Card - A greyhound's identification card that lists 56 physical identifying points for every registered racing greyhound.

Blanket - A covering for a greyhound bearing a number and color corresponding to post position.

Calls - The position of each greyhound at specific points around the track during a race.

Career Record - A series of five numbers indicating, in order, a greyhound's total number of starts, followed by first place, second place, third place and fourth place finishes. Often preceded by an abbreviation showing the track at which the starts were recorded.

Grading System - Method of assuring greyhounds compete against racers of similar caliber; grades are assigned according to performance, with the top grade being "A".

Interference - Intentional physical contact which obstructs or impedes the running of another greyhound. After being called for interference, a greyhound must run in a non-wagering race before he can compete again.

Kennel- A business that cares for and races greyhounds under contract with one or more racetracks.

Leadout - A handler employed by the track who parades racers in front of the public before a race and places the greyhounds in the starting box.

Lure - A mechanical device attached to an arm and electrically driven around the racing strip. The lure operator keeps it a uniform distance ahead of the greyhounds.

Matinee - A program of racing conducted during the daylight hours.

Muzzle - A wire, leather or plastic devise, with a white tip, which is fitted over the greyhound's mouth and jaws and used as an aid in a close photo finish.

Post - A greyhound's box or post position number. A greyhound's number always corresponds to the number of his starting box.

Quinella Double - A wagering term describing the two greyhounds finishing first and second in any order in two designated races.

Sprint - A race run over five-sixteenth of a mile or shorter distance.

Stakes Race - A race for a championship or for a purse larger than those offered for ordinary feature races.

Starter - A greyhound is a starter for the race when the doors of the starting box open.

Tattoo - An identification number placed inside the ear of a registered racing greyhound.

Trainer - A kennel employee whose responsibility is preparing greyhounds for racing.

Twin Trifecta - A wagering term describing the first three greyhounds to cross the finish line in exact order in two designated races.

Wire - The finish line for a race.

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