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Jai Alai Terms

Pelota - Ball used to play the game.

Cesta - Basket used to catch and throw the pelota.

Rebote - Returning the ball from the back wall with the forehand or backhand.

Chula - Ball hits the lower angle between the base of the back wall and the floor coming out without a bounce.

Chic Chac - A ball returned to the floor near the back wall and back to the floor.

Carom - A thrown ball that hits the side wall, the front wall, the court, then goes into the screen.

Cortada - A ball thrown from outside of the court with forehand, hitting low on the front wall then on the floor.

Dejada - A short lob, hitting the front wall just above the foul line and dropping with a small bounce.

Arrimada - A ball that is returned as close to the side wall as possible, hindering the opposition's return.

Picada - Thrown straight overhand from the right with lots of wrist resulting in a high bounce.

Remate - Two walls thrown from the left side, the most effective "kill".

Outside Cortada - Same as above but thrown "inside-out".

Costada - Thrown shoulder high from the left to "chic chac" off the back wall.

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