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Gambling Sayings

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  • Stop cheating! the dealer told the card player.
    I'm not! claimed the player.
    You must be, said the dealer. That is not the hand that I dealt you.
  • Suckers have no business with money anyway.

    -Canada Bill Jones, Legendary Three-card Monte Dealer
  • Anybody can win, unless there happens to be a second entry.

    -George Ade
  • At that point I ought to have gone away, but a strange sensation rose up in me, a sort of defiance of fate, a desire to challenge it, to put out my tongue at it. I laid down the largest stake allowe-four thousand gulden-and lost it. Then, getting hot, I pulled out all I had left, staked it on the same number, and lost again, after which I walked away from the table as though I were stunned. I could not even grasp what had happened to me.

    Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Gambler
  • If I had the money and the drinking capacity, I'd probably live at a roulette table and let my life go to hell.

    -Michael Ventura
  • Baccarat is a game whereby the croupier gathers in money with a flexible sculling oar, then rakes it home. If I could have borrowed his oar I would have stayed.

    Mark Twain
  • I hope to break even this week. I need the money.

  • The Wampanoag Tribe has a machine, and they say, It's completely idiot proof. I told them they've got it all wrong. I want a machine that is idiot friendly.

    Former Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld
  • The subject of gambling is all encompassing. It combines man's natural play instinct with his desire to know about his fate and his future.

    -Franz Rosenthal, Gambling in Islam (1975)
  • Why otherwise would that dignified fellow dressed like a banker be sitting at a machine murmuring; Talk to me baby, I know you understand my needs.

    -Roger Fleming

I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX

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